Welcome to opportunities at CHC. We invite you to partner us in our vision of Healthcare for All. Opportunities at CHC are spread across four broad areas:

Employment Opportunities
CHC is an organization driven by people. We provide an environment of professional excellence, shared goals and mutual respect in which the best professionals challenge each other to greater heights of achievement.

We offer outstanding long-term growth prospects to healthcare professionals across functional disciplines. Our rewards and remunerations match the best in the industry. If you share our vision, and would like to be part of our team, please write to us with a copy of your latest CV at jobs@chettinadhealthcity.com

Business Opportunities
CHC shares much of its business practices with the Chettinad Group. Our vendor qualification norms, evolved over the years, are transparent and fair. We are open to Healthcare IT, BPO, and Manufacturing opportunities.

We favour long-term relationships with our business partners. Since our ongoing expansion creates numerous opportunities for partnerships across business areas, we encourage you to contact us for updates. Please send all trade enquiries to business@chettinadhealthcity.com

Research Opportunities
An integrated, research support system lies at the heart of a world-class higher academic institution. At CHC we encourage and promote original postgraduate and doctoral research across medical disciplines. If you a have a research proposal, we would like to discuss it with you. Write to us with a brief profile at research@chettinadhealthcity.com

Volunteering Opportunities
As an institution with a focus on universal healthcare, we invite volunteering proposals from educational institutions, student bodies and social service organizations. At this point, we have volunteering opportunities only for groups, not for individuals.
Areas in which we have had volunteering projects in the past include:

  • Blood Donor Camps
  • Community Health Surveys
  • Containment of Epidemics
  • Dental health
  • Eye Donor Camps
  • Immunization
  • Maternal and Infant health programmes
  • Public Health Awareness
  • Rural Sanitation
  • Vision care

If you have a volunteering proposal, please write to us at volunteering@chettinadhealthcity.com

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